Stumbled across this one today, to which I say bullshit. If they every try to remake Back to the Future, someone will have to die. We finally got Eileen to watch Back to the Future on New Years Eve, and she liked it. Of course she would, it's actually a good movie. I guess the Karate Kid, and Footloose for that matter, aren't really what I would call 'actually good,' but I still hate to see childhood favourites remade. Footloose, perhaps surprisingly, I would have been more okay with if Zac Efron was still going to be in it...
Speaking of movies, in case you were wondering, Youth in Revolt on Thursday was pretty great, and the promo screening was pretty poorly attended, which made me sad for the movie, but happy for me because I hate crowds.

This weekend we also watched Post-Grad, because Alexis Bledel was in it (and Matt Saracen... Now that I think of it, the fact that he was in it turned out to be its only redeeming factor). Turns out it was SO MUCH WORSE than I ever expected. And I expected bad. There were so many parts that were just unnecessary. Who decided that the family storyline bits were a good idea? That's what we wanted to know.

Tonight it's a family affair as Jenna, her parents, and I are going to check out The Blind Side. I'm not expecting too much in depth, but I am expecting to enjoy it for what it is.
On to the Hip Hop portion of this post:

Lloyd Banks was arrested in Kitchener (!?) - The big question that this news raises is: Brantford has a dance club big enough to host G Unit members? Seriously though, what they did is pretty messed up. Follow the link in the Record article to see a picture of the victim (Thanks to Hilary for the heads on that one)

Diddy's Wad Infiltrated by One Dollar Bill - I find the incredulous look on his face hilarious. (Thanks to Ben Ong for sharing that gem on google [and for sharing some memory gems on Friday night])
Big and Little. One of the things that we enjoy around our house is big and little counterparts. For example, I always enjoy seeing stuffed animals who have their own, smaller, stuffed animals. These two separate Box Vox posts are perfect for me. I fell for the packaging signs right away. The bread at first, and then the Crayola box especially once I spotted it. Then when he threw down the dollhouse stuff this morning, all I could think of was 'damn, this guy knows how to get to me!' Tiny bacon? And is that tiny Vegemite?

Who loves packaging more than Randy Ludacer? I do not know.
I want this book!!! Yet another vintage kids book to keep an eye out for.

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