So it's my birthday. I wasn't really going to say much about it, but I was working on a poster that involved fireworks, so I thought I'd throw a piece of that up there.
Thinking about it this morning, I think that this last year has been pretty great for me. I don't think I've really thought about it much because some people I care about have had pretty off years, but it may even be one of my best. At times I've been more tired and stressed than other years, but the house, being a part of the wedding of two people whom I think are awesome, all of the things I've learned, all of the people I know, and many other things, have all contributed and made 28 a pretty solid year for me. Lets hope 29 does not disappoint.
This is a little late in coming, due to it's Christmas-ness, but Jenna showed me this last night, and I just had to share: Jimmy Fallon x The Roots x The Muppets - Twelve Days of Christmas. Gotta love them. Little Robin is just so cute!

Here's another clip: Jimmy and the Muppets impromptu rendition of 'One'.

How much do I want to just hang out with The Muppets?

They don't have a clip of just the end of the show, where all The Muppets (minus Sam the Eagle, who is clearly embarrassed) throw down dancing to The Roots, which is too bad, because it was probably the best part.

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