A couple new blogs popped up on my radar recently.

A Collection a Day 2010. Looking forward to seeing how this one goes. I do love collections. Picture above is from this one.

Letterheady. A collection of company letterheads. Not surprisingly, this one is the one that really sold me on the thing. There are probably ones I like better on there, but none I'd rather see in my mailbox...

Will definitely be adding both to my google reader.
Jenna showed me this Tyco Lego phone on etsy yesterday, which I totally remember wanting when I was younger.

Here's a small collection of novelty phones I spotted today. Some I'd seen before, some I hadn't. This Jordache Jeans phone falls in the latter category, and is ridiculous and amazing.
Here's another one Jenna sent me: Bear-ly contain myself teacup. As she said in her email 'this is almost enough to make me drink tea'. It's also almost enough to make me spend $30 on one mug. But in the end, it is not enough to do either of those things. It is damn cute though.
Speaking of things that are almost enough to make me drink tea, the labels and the name of Andrews & Dunham's Damn Fine Teas, also fit in that category. Designed by Aesthetic Apparatus, that's some damn fine packaging. This bad-ass metal inspired label is my clear choice.

Ooh! Check out the hand-screened labels from Series 1 & Series 2 as well!

If you never have before, you should swing by Aesthetic Apparatus' website and check out their other fine work. This might be one of my all time favourite posters (Sue, you might recognize that hand [or one like it] from our trip to the Olympia factory)

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