Another of last week's new posters. Still more to do this week.
Here's a couple fun things before this post get's serious:
Bea Arthur Mountains Pizza. Obviously like Selleck Waterfall Sandwich. Not as good, but I do love Bea.

Really nice Glidden design work. I'm not sure if this is student work or not. Kind of looks like it, 'cause I doubt you'd see paint cans in that shape. It would be cool to though! The word mark is so cute!
Have you heard about what's going on with downtown Brantford? Here's a nice little summary that Ben Ong shared on google. It's been on my radar for a little while now and I think the whole thing is ridiculous. Particularly that there's no real plan as to what to do when the building's come down. Reading through the comments, someone posted a quoted from the Mayor that made me so mad: "I think the worst mistake we could make is to have a solid plan. Let’s just take it down and look at what we have got. Then we can start deciding together what should go there.”

How stupid does that sound?

Something else that I think only comes up in the comments that I think is of particular note: "Within those 41 historic buildings we have the longest stretch of remaining pre-confederation buildings in Canada."

Here's a witty take on it all from the point of view of Hamilton.
And now here's where I annoy people...
So I watched the big game on Sunday. How exciting! What I don't get though, is this celebration in Uptown Waterloo. I get that everyone is all excited and all and want to be together, but what a ridiculous place to do it! All I can think of when I see that is nuisance. Check out the ambulance slowly making it's way through the crowd 1 minute in. I don't know for sure that they weren't just there to celebrate, but it does look like they're on their way to the hospital, possibly with someone dying inside. Oh, but just keep celebrating, don't worry about that person...

This would have been the perfect occasion for a gathering in the square. What would have been really neat would have been to set up a screen in the square and make it a big event (maybe this happened and I just don't know about it...). But then I guess everybody had to drink while they were watching the game, hence the party in the video happening in the epicenter between bars. And of course none of them would want to bother to go down the street to where there's a big open area, so clearly the middle of the street is a good place to party.

I don't know. I get it to an extent. The heat of the moment, the joy of other people, the excitement, the patriotism, etc etc etc. But it all just seems like a big inconsiderate mess to me.

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