I recently added the Coudal Partners blended feed to my google reader, and it has been both great and annoying. They simply post too much stuff! There are tonnes of posts every day, and I so often want to share them here, or go back to them, so I keep marking things unread. I had 30 items unread from them, and that's just going back a few days! Here's some of it...

Amigurumi Star Wars characters. Adorable!

Chris Mottalini photography. Check out the 'mistake by the lake' series. I always love seeing school bus shelters. There's something about them that I find really appealing.

What colour are you? My colour? Black. Perfect.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. At some point I really need to read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Awesome photos of amazing models. Nice work!

So thanks Coudal, but slow down, would you? I don't have that much free time!

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