New poster up this week. Not my favourite I've done, but it should do the trick.
Conan is on tour (love the tour name, btw), and we missed getting tickets by like seconds. Seriously, we actually had a pair up on ticketmaster, dropped it to try to get a better pair, and then couldn't get anything. Kicking ourselves for that one. Itching for a second date to get added. Fingers crossed!
Have you seen the trailer for Tron: Legacy yet? You should.
Record grooves under an electron microscope. Neat!
GrainEdit has been posting some stuff I've been loving recently (not surprisingly...). Check these out:
Old Shell ads. Love the lines. Love
New HP ads. Impressive!
Tom Eckersley. Such great work. I don't know if I can pick a favourite on that page... The Panda, the handshake, or keeping britain tidy... Please, pick one for me! I've seen his work before, and it's just so damn good.

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