Bears in a glass dome!

Also, it turns out there's more of the Jeff Canham birdhouses that I linked to the other day. Check them out here.
I'm pretty sure I put this all together on Friday, then forgot about it, so here you go now.

Big week! Julia and Gord are in town and were over with Eileen last night. Already looking forward to getting together again. This weekend is Conan in Toronto, and hopefully a round of discgolf as I'm pretty sure Chicopee officially opens on Saturday. Awesome.
The 2010 Vader Project. Damn. Neat stuff. Love the flocked one with the brain. This gas mask one popped up elsewhere in my travels. All gas masks should look like that...
So it looks like a lot of people whose blogs I read have gone to the Brimfield Antique Show, and now I'm itching to go. An excuse to go back to Massachusetts? Maybe!!

Seriously though, check out ACL's day 1 and day 2, with more to come it would seem. The line "I probably saw more waxed canvas yesterday than in the last five years combined" pretty much makes me salivate. Some amazing looking stuff in there. 

And here's design*sponge's look at Brimfield. For the ladies...

So, September 7-12, eh?
A couple days ago there was a nedroid comic that had me terrified that there were no more coming, and then he posted this adorable comic. And the mouse-over listed a url that takes you to this site, which is even more adorable! "This is my best friend Reginald. He is the best friend I have ever had!"
Hammarhead is putting out some pretty sweet motorcycles. I'll take a Woodsman or a Jack Pine please! Also on the motorcycle front, check out Deus custom motorcycles too. I may have linked to them before. So nice.

Also, why is the Yamaha SR 400 still made, but only available in Japan? That's bike I could go for. It's no vintage Honda, but for a new bike, it's pretty on point to that end.

Someday I really need to get my motorcycle license...

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Maryrose said...

I will get one with you.

I have vowed to someday have a bike License.