Have I mentioned that I quite like Halloween? I do! I meant to post on Halloween, but then I kind of took the weekend off from the computer, so this is my Halloween post.
Those are my pumpkins up above. I was pretty pleased with them in the end. My detail work on sustaining thin lines is not so good, so Ms. Pac-Man's bow doesn't look quite right, and I lost the line that was supposed to go between the two cherries. I got some great comments from some parents

Here's a Ms. Pac-Man screen shot for reference. I went round Ms. Pac-Man, pixellated ghost because we decided it would look better.

You can see more shots (and Jenna's pumpkin) on my flickr page.
Speaking of Ms. Pac-Man, this tattoo is ridiculous, but these rings are kind of cute.
More pumpkin stuff:
CBC pumpkin! Nerdy/awesome!
Deathstar pumpkin! Nerdy/badass! (Also seen there are someone else's pacman pumpkins.
Centaur skeleton. Wow. Creepy and gross and awesome. It's made out of real skeletons! What!? Impressed, and scared, by these people. Too bad their website doesn't seem to work for me.
I guess that's it for Halloween this year. The first at our new house. We only had 27 kids, which was kind of disappointing; I thought we'd get more. I went with the last second costume of Scrabble tile, which was Jenna's suggestion. Luckily my initial is worth 8 points, otherwise it would be a much more disappointing costume. A lot of drunk people didn't understand it. Racoon Wedding didn't play, but I did get to see BA Johnston, which is always a pleasure. Overall, a pretty good night. How was yours?

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