What a nice fall poster. I haven't had a look at the Doublenaut site in awhile, but they're doing some nice work over there in Toronto. (thanks to Drawn for reminding me of that.)
When I first heard about Monsters of Folk I was pretty excited. Mostly 'cause I just like the prospect of anything new from M. Ward. When it came down to listening to the album, I have to say there was a little too much Jim James going on in there for me. I haven't given up on them completely, I'll give it a few more listens, but I've gotten less interested.

Two of the contributing factors in my remaining interest are:
- This poster from Doublenaut
- This poster from The Small Stakes

Now I know the band likely had no involvement at all in the style of those, and thus they aren't necessarily indicative of anything about the band, but just knowing that this is what people are creating to promote the band keeps my mind open a little.
Have you heard of The Small Stakes before? Jason Munn makes some pretty sweet posters. Definitely someone to keep an eye out for, and to try to learn a thing or two from.
This superhero image is cute and awesome. A great combo.

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