This post here reminded me that I still needed to post a pic of this sweet plate from the '68 Olympics in Mexico that I found not too long ago. Love it. I especially love the way the Olympic rings line up with the bottom halves of the 6 and the 8. Nice touch.
While looking up some info at work I ran across this article about ATM's in London using Cockney rhyming slang. I find Cockney rhyming slang fascinating, in as much as I know very little about it and it barely makes sense to me, and the fact that these machines are using it is very amusing to me. I'm still not sure if I like it or not, but it is amusing. Have you ever had an ATM that said "I am processing your request"? That sort of personification I know I don't like.
Anyone want to take me on a trip to MoMA? This exhibit would be pretty awesome to see.

There's a pretty cool little behind the scenes/interview video with Tim Burton here.
Speaking of museums, on an impromptu emergency trip to Hamilton/Burlington this weekend (we had to buy a vanity that apparently none of the Home Depot's in town had...) we drove past The Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology. That's a place I'd like to make a visit to. Jenna didn't seem too keen on the idea though. It's the steam part that really interests me, of course. The building alone, and the old train station beside it, already piqued my interest before I knew what was inside. Hopefully I remember to go back sometime...
I guess I'm losing all of my street cred by being so behind that Saddle Creek already signed them, but lately I've been really into The Rural Alberta Advantage. I'm pretty sure I saw them at least once a few years ago (had to mention this to try to retain some cred...), but I finally got around to getting a copy of Hometowns recently, and I love it. It's one that Jenna likes too, so it's actually good for listening to in the car, which a good chunk of stuff that I like is not, so that's awesome.

Though I really like the whole thing, I'm loving this: Don't Haunt This Place
(Wow, and I'm losing even more cred as I just realized that this is the song you can get for free off of the Saddle Creek site. Did I just fall for the single?? Who am I!?)

Anyway, regardless of if I'm ahead of the game anymore or not, this song is good, and you should listen to it. Solid and earnest. As I said to Jenna the other day, when they say that they need something, it really feels like they need it. So good.

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