Some sad news while reading the blogs this morning: Tonka has redesigned their logo.

As Marc said when I showed it to him 'it looks so hockey'. Agreed. It totally looks like it should be printed on hockey sticks and bags. Armin points out in the post that it looks more 'truck,' which is also true. It makes me think of a Chevy Ridgeline or something. He also points out that this may be an effort to make up for the fact that the trucks themselves have gotten less rugged, so they had to rugged up the logo, and really, that's just sad to me.

To me the old logo was like a solid, hard working blue collar guy. Nothing special, but nothing to scoff at. It could still kick your ass anytime it wanted. It was strong and muscular without trying to be, just naturally strong. This new one is like a bodybuilder. Muscle for the sake of looking muscled.

There's been a lot of buzz lately about the Lubalin Now exhibit at The Cooper Union. Here's a nice little piece of coverage on it. Definitely jealous of anyone who makes it out to that one. Lubalin was a king among men for sure.
So glad this version of the Charley Harper book is finally available. We saw it pop up as a pre sale on Amazon a while ago, but had no idea what the difference was, or when it was going to come out. Couldn't really justify the $150+ price tag of the o.g. version, but the $36 of this one is totally a deal!
Put that on the 'to get asap' list for sure. Maybe I should wait till after Christmas though, in case someone wants to buy it for me...
Speaking of Christmas, if you do happen to be someone who might need to know some things that I might like for that upcoming event, my amazon wishlist is here.
Interesting poster/project here. Great concept. Great message.

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