Oh, those crazy Vegetarians...

Image from Kaufmann Mercantile. Love it. And meat.
Here's another nice one from KM, the George Nelson Flip Clock. I've always enjoyed flip clocks, but this on takes it to a whole other level. Classy. So often they're encased in plastic, here the mechanics are part of the design, rather than just the functional back end.
If I were ever to spend $1000+ on a turntable, these would be high on my list. Pretty.
This recording of LBJ ordering some custom Haggar pants is a pretty great listen. He is very specific in the changes he wants in the waist, pockets, and crotch, even though he does deem the ones he already has to be "the best that I've had anywhere in the United States." Thanks to A Continuous Lean for linking to that gem.

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