Last week my (proper) use of the term bindle was questioned which got me off on about an hour long search of Hobo related things on the internet (we may or may not have been watching The Littlest Hobo at the time), and I came across this picture on wikipedia. I've really been loving it since, so I thought I'd share it with you.
Look, it's an interview with my friend Ben Ong, about his band Bocce! Two great things in this world.
This here giraffe on the Guelph Graffiti blog sure is cute!
I have found my new choice of vehicle for use in the Zombie-pocalypse: the Armour Horse Vault XXL. Protection AND luxury.
Worst collab. ever? I guess the end result isn't as bad as it could be, but still, when I saw that these two highly overrated brands (I guess Tommy Hilfiger seems pretty down these days, but Haring seems to be a totally undeserved and annoying upswing) were working together, I immediately wanted to puke. Why do people like either of these brands? (I say brand as, even though Keith Haring was a person, his legacy does live on in the brand associated with his name.)
Edie Harper, Charley Harper's wife, and a respected artist in her own right, passed away last week. Read a bit about her on Grain Edit. Talented couple for sure.


Anonymous said...

that edie harper stuff looked surprisingly similar to charlies. i wonder who influences who?

Jon Johnson said...

I've definitely wondered that! I love the story about their honeymoon and painting the same scenes together.