How awesome would it have been to receive a letter on that letterhead?

Where does letterheady find all of these great letterheads!?
Things to watch!
The Sandpit - pretty great tilt-shift-esque film about "A day in the life of New York City, in miniature.
AFOL: A Blocumentary - Adult Fans of Lego! Great little doc.
Logorama - The video is at the bottom. I've really been itching to see this Oscar nominated animated short. It did not disappoint. LOVE it. (edit: I started this post days ago, and since then this short became not just Oscar nominated, but an Oscar Winner. I was so excited for it.)
Since Leno's back on the tonight show, here's Plenty of Reasons to Just Say No to Jay Leno.
Hey Marc, here's one of the things I wanted to tell you, and then forgot today: The Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger from Carl's Jr. How much do I want to eat that? A LOT.

Funniest part of that blog post: "It was apparently first invented by Carl’s Jr as a vegetarian option for their menu, but some executive said, “Why not add a beef patty and bacon”? Brilliant."

Have I mentioned how great of a blog baconbaconbacon/It's All About the Bacon is? I love it. But it makes me hungry (and jealous of people who can go to Carl's Jr.).

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Anonymous said...

that looks like something i would have eaten in a beautiful dream. thanks for the post!

p.s. the word i have to verify in order to leave this comment is "bresty"