Labatt, will you please go back to the above label design for 50? The current one is pretty much the worst I've seen. It was pretty nice when it was printed on the bottle and had that massive 50, but this version, and this version were still better. This trippy, multi-lined one though, for sure my favourite.

Also, Labatt was making an India Pale Ale in '54? Interesting.
I've been spending some time on the twitter lately. One of the best things I've seen yet is this picture of Questlove from The Roots. Even as a kid, big afro and drumsticks. Apparently he's always been awesome.
If I didn't already really want to see it, this poster for Kick-Ass (and Doug Benson's tweets about it), would totally solidified that want. Check out this red-band trailer.
New blog on the radar thanks to the DDC getting burned on it. Beardist. Beard wearer. Beard fan. Call me what you will, I do love love things beard related...
In a slew of beard link clicking that followed getting to the previous blog, I came across this amazing shirt design: Beard River. Beards and bears, two things I very obviously love. The print on the shirt is actually a little big for my usual liking, but I would wear that shirt, based on its beardy-beary-ness alone.


John DuFresne said...

Jon, I found this image on a search (and agree with your critique). Where did you find it? Was it an ad or a flyer of some sort? I am in the process of curating an exhibition on Lester Beall, the designer. Thanks, John DuFresne, St. Paul, MN

Jon Johnson said...

Hey John - looks like an old ad, and looks like I found it from this Canadian Design Resource post - http://canadiandesignresource.ca/marketingadvertising/new-faces-print-ad/
Who got it from the Allan Collier Collection.
A Lester Beall exhibition sounds awesome!

John DuFresne said...

Thanks, Jon!
We'll likely find and use the ad in the show (scheduled for this October at Concordia University in St. Paul as part of the Leaders of Design Series. Past exhibitions included Alvin Lustig, Paul Rand, the Tokyo Type Directors Club, and more).


Past presenters have included Steven Heller and Patrick Coyne. This year we hope to have R. Roger Remington (literally wrote the book on Beall) from R.I.T. speak. If you're in the area, stop on by!

All the best,