Bacon jam! My favourite Top Chef chef, ever, Kevin made Bacon jam to go with something else he made and I freaked out. I had no idea I might be able to buy bacon jam...
Did I mention that Kevin is my favourite Top Chef chef ever? Look at him! Isn't it obvious that I would like him? And he gets so excited and happy when he wins! He seems to just cook for the love of cooking, not like those Voltaggio brothers, who may be awesome chefs, but are way too serious about it. Oh right, that's the other thing, Kevin also makes amazing looking food that I would love to eat.

Top 4 prediction for this season's Top Chef: KEVIN, Jennifer, Voltaggio brothers.

(sorry for the tv tangent. I do it surprisingly little considering how much I love tv. Top Chef is a great show, and you should totally watch it if you don't.)
The colours in these photographs of Russia in the early 1900's is pretty great. It gives such an added 'realness' to the images. Though I love black & white, the colour makes these feel more like these places still exist. Though at the same time I don't have that desire to walk into them like I do with old black & white images...
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Anonymous said...

you nailed the final four chefs for sure. i'm with you on kevin. KEVIN!