We finally went out and bought pumpkins yesterday. 6 of them. Yes, 6. I have plans for 4 of them; one big themed pumpkin set. Let's hope it works out. The thing I'm not looking forward to? Cleaning them all out. Definitely the worst part of pumpkin carving.

Gotta do some costume shopping tonight. I do love me some Halloween.
Spotted the new version of the Youth in Revolt poster today. Blah.
Original version.
New version.
On the surface, they don't really look that much different, I know, but they really are. With it's more painterly style, the original version had so much more character. The new version is clearly a little more mainstream. The painting style is pretty much totally gone, in favour of just a softening of the image, and the girl, of course, highlights the love story aspect. Small changes, but big. You know?
Jenna showed me these salt & paper shakers, and they are awesome. If they weren't so dang expensive, I would totally buy them. I've see a couple shaker sets lately that stick together to form a larger whole. Smart thinking for sure.
Jessica Hagy hit 'good design' right on the nose with this one. Her blog, Indexed is frequently clever and entertaining (and sometimes confusing if you don't always understand graphs...).
Here's another one Jenna sent me today. I saw the video on MTV this morning, but am very glad to know the woman got charged. Bad driving really bugs me. I get irritated if someone in front of me turns without signaling. Ever since my accident last year, I am also very aware of when people's headlights aren't on, which really bothers me too. Particularly if it is grey out at all. If your car doesn't have daytime running lights, you should be aware of that, and turn your lights on!

Safety people!

(Now, I'm not saying I'm a perfect driver, but I like to think I'm better than some people.)

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