Finally got around to uploading some newer posters onto gigposters. You can see them here. I'm definitely happy with some of what I've done lately, some in a different style than I'm used to.
Speaking of gigposters, browsing around today helped me put two and two together and realize that I really love the work of Jay Ryan. I've seen it before, even posted a link to one of his posters before, but never really realized it was all the same person. I loved his illustrations in the Chabon book. His lettering style and colour choices are great. I love that he leaves in bits and pieces of his workflow in places, like his scratchy lines and things like the little box in this poster that he used to figure out the flow of the banner. Nice stuff. Check out his gigposters page here.

Here's something fashion-wise that's got my interest piqued: Levi's x Obey. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of that. Definite possibilities for good or bad.
Not looking forward to work tomorrow. The stress of film guide production deadline at the end of the week meets the craziness/business of the Quantum to Cosmos festival taking over the theatres with stuff for kids all day = not fun. I love the idea of the festival, I just wish it wasn't this week...

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