Film guide = uploaded to the printer. There'll probably be some changes, but for all intents and purposes, done. As John said on the phone "Another 2 years of our lives. I mean 2 months." Not that it takes us 2 months, but that's what it covers. Living life 2 months at a time.
My hero.
Chip Kidd & Elmore Leonard: A mutual appreciation.
Chip Kidd Dwell designers video.
Chip Kidd insights lecture. At an hour and a half I bet this is amazing, but I don't know if I'll ever get through it!
You know how my blog is always all over the place, because I am all over the place? Here's a blog that is amazingly curated: A Continuous Lean. Maybe his tastes are just amazingly curated, I don't know, but everything he posts just goes together so well. His style is nice to look around in.

Classic (CLASSIC.) IBM ThinkPad.
The good thing about the convergence of film guide production and hundreds of kids in the building daily? It gives me an excuse to listen to my ipod all day. One of the bands I keep going back to this week are The Evens. I only got Get Evens at the beginning of summer, but really liked it right away, and keep liking it more. The song that got me hooked was 'Cut From the Cloth', but today I woke up with 'Get Even' stuck in my head, and realized that it may now be my favourite. Check it out: Get Even

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