Badass. Seriously, that's all I can think when I see this poster, designed by Thirst. Check out their site for more awesome work.

I guess this piece is in that Lubalin Now exhibit I mentioned yesterday, as I saw it in this post about it on the H&FJ blog here. H&FJ, by the way, not only release many great typefaces, but they also maintain a great blog that you would not be remiss in adding to your regular reading.

Back to the poster: BADASS. Click it to see it bigger. Do it.
The other day I was itching for more podcasts like This American Life, when I discovered that pretty much every show on CBC radio is available as a podcast. So far I have subscribed to Q, Spark, and Wiretap. I've always caught pieces of each of these and wanted to hear more, and now I can! I've heard some great stuff already, particularly a bit of an interview with Gary Hustwit on Spark. They've got the whole interview available too, which I'm very exited to hear, but I'm waiting to have time to give it my undivided attention.
Still dying to see Objectified. Got a plan in line that might make that happen on the big screen here. I'll keep you posted.
I am definitely coveting both of these bikes:

Grace - The World's First e-motorbike

Worksman Bike

Two obviously very different bikes, that I like for two obviously different reasons. Both pretty awesome looking though.


H. said...

Yes Objectified! Would also love to see it and know a few others who are anxious too....

can you let me know if it materializes? hahaa. materializes.


Jon Johnson said...

You will definitely know Hilary. This was a little teaser to see if you were paying attention...