Two new posters out this week. Feeling the silhouette lately for sure.
To get back to Halloween for a moment, I just came across this interesting little article on the whole Smarties-Rockets-Smarties thing. I find this topic interesting because I like candy, and branding, and names, but mostly because Jenna is a Rockets fiend. We definitely bought a big bag of Smarties last fall when we were in New England. It's really too bad for the kids of the USA that they miss out on Nestle Smarties though, as they are far superior to M&M's. I can't imagine living in a world where I think Hershey's makes the best chocolate out there (though I do enjoy their Kisses).

This article also reminded me that I forgot to hunt down some molasses candies this fall! What will I do? (Also, I didn't realize that these are a pretty Canadian item also. Interesting.)
What!? Rice Crispies are Rice Bubbles in Australia and New Zealand!? I'm loving this blog's parallels series, I can't wait to see what they cover next.
I wasn't looking for yet another blog to add to my crowded reader, but I think I found one!
Smoking Smarties!? What is with the kids these days???
I'm not usually one to share quizzes I found online, but this one is great: So you think you can tell Arial from Helvetica?
I do think I can, and my 18/20 almost proves that to be correct. There's a few key spots to check to tell the difference, do you know what they are? Try it!
Okay, one more quiz, but only because it's from Mental Floss, and only because I got 100% percent on it, and this gives me the chance to boast: The Sandlot movie quiz
(kind of a sad thing to boast about, I know, but you gotta love The Sandlot)


linds said...

Oh! Send me the CTD poster (I think I have South Rakkas). Thanks!

Jon Johnson said...

I thought I had! Sorry!